Total of feeds in Dashboard

Hi I now have 3 separate PV inverters, is there a way to accumulate my 3 feeds into one dial ie a real-time total? cheers Neil

On the inputs page do “+ feed” as necessary, and then create a new ‘Total’ feed.

You’ll need to start either with one of the existing inputs immediately after you’ve done “log to feed” on one of the feeds you want to total and then add the other two, or do a “Reset to zero” to wipe the slate clean and then add all three inverter feeds.

thanks, one problem i have this error - ERROR: Feed could not be created, missing datatype: 1: realtime, 2: daily#

Which feed are you adding with + feed? You need to pick one from the drop-down list.

ah i understand, thanks, got it & sorted, just waiting for a new CT clamp to arrive for node 5:2

According to Paul (pb66) here Summing multiple inputs - #9 by pb66, you should be using “+ feed” rather than “+ input”. It’s all to do with the order in which things are processed.