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To Pi3, or pi4, that is the question:

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Newbie here! Just figuring things out on what to order and wanted to tap into the hive mind here.

I’ve seen various posts with people testing the emonPi shield with a pi4, are there significant benefits to the pi4 (speed, memory etc) that actually translate into observable gains? Or should I stick to the pi 3b+ that’s gathering dust on the shelf?

I guess the question is “If you were starting now would you go pi4 or pi3?”

Thanks all and apologies if I’ve duplicated a question - I couldn’t see anything in the FAQ or from searching!


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Hello Neil and welcome!

Having tried both, I don’t find there is much of an observable difference between them when running the standard emonSD stack. I’d be personally happy to stick with the Pi3 B+ if that’s what you have.

Hi @TrystanLea,

Thanks for the reply!

I take it the emonSD stack doesn’t stress the pi much then?

My only question for myself is now whether I get a 4 to gather dust and use the existing dusty 3 ; :wink:


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I’m still running my emonSD based device on an RPi 2B+.
I don’t have node-red running though.


I have emoncms running on a PiZero :slight_smile:

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So basically the same as the original pi albeit the BCM2835 is at 1GHz? :+1:

My dusty pi3 is going to fly once my emonpi shield arrives :superhero:


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Sounds like a great way to may use of an older Pi that might otherwise be sat in a cupboard gathering dust. A knowledge of SSH would be useful long term for updates etc.

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