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Timezone settings are ignored

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I have the official emoncms docker image running and all graphs are in UTC despite the correct timezone being set in php.ini and in the account settings. The timezone in the container is UTC. I am not sure what else I can check.

Edit: the Administration page shows correct Timezone under Server->Date.

Well, this was due to my settings in Firefox. I had privacy.resistFingerprinting turned on and it affected the the way emoncms shows time.

If you go into the user profile, you set timezone there per user.

I had it set there correctly, but it did not make any difference. It still used browser timezone.

Hello @imro2 emoncms does currently require the account timezone to match the browser timezone. A proposal to support setting the view timezone indepenetly of the browser timezone was discussed here Timezone in EmonCMS and has been registed as an enhancement request here for future development.

Just out of curiosity, what is the timezone at the user account level for?

It is used when data requests are made for feed data that aligns to day, week, month. The returned data will align to midnight of the timezone set in the user account profile. It is also used by the power_to_kwhd input processor to find the day reset point.