Timezone is not valid Error in creating new user

Hi , i am just install emoncms in windows. there is timezone issue while creating new user for the first time. please help for this issue how to resolve it

What browser are you using? Have you any Browser add-ons that might be blocking the application reading your timezone?

This change was added in May so I would be surprised if it is a general issue. It must be related to your browser setup.

Try using the IP instead of localhost.

Did this error persist @Prakash_Baral?

When Time Zone is change then its working for one admin register. I am from Nepal can you please update this for nepal time zone. There is no any configuration for new device adding in input section.

I am using Chrome browser and there is no any blocking the application regarding timezone.

Thanks @Prakash_Baral what do you mean by:

Did you have to change your computer timezone to UTC to make it work?

I just got this too - using Chrome on a Mac.

I switched to Safari to register and that worked ok, now I am able to log in ok on Chrome.

Just had this error too on my Win10 (build 19041.450) laptop.

Firefox 80 64 bit threw the timezone error (I do have ghostery, installed but have trusted my emonpi as well as Grease monkey, Useragent - set to default, nectar, Norton safe search & pwd manager, and FB purity).

Switching to Chrome (85.0.4183.83) had no issues and i was able to create my new user. Chrome has adblockplus (disabled), Ghostery (emonpi trusted), Kopernio, and Unpaywall installed)

as per @ichilton, once created i was able to login no issues

Thanks @Zeddicus, I’ve noted this as an issue Timezone not valid when creating a new user · Issue #1628 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub

I’ve just had this issue when testing a new build of emoncms-docke using latest version of emoncms 10.2.6. I could not create a new user using Chrome, however I was able to create a user with firefox.

I’ve checked that date.timezone is correctly set in php.ini

To replicate the issue

$ git clone https://github.com/emoncms/emoncms-docker
$ cd emoncms-docker
$ git pull
$ git checkout update
$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up


php 7.3.19