Time to update jquery, datetimepicker and flot?

After having tinkered with the graph and multigraph sections I’ve wondered whether there is a general policy to updating the core components that emoncms relies upon. I’ve seen Updating System Libraries and wanted to open a conversation about jquery, datetimepicker and flot.

My background is computing infrastructure, hence I’m looking for guidance and thoughts in the software space.

From what I see the version of jquery we use has a cross site scripting security vulnerability, hence should be updated, the question then becomes to which version, should this be from 1.11.3 to v3.2? Would the best approach be to include the new libraries then roll through the different users and eventually whittle down all the old versions?

Next up flot: from what I can see it is no longer supported, hence is now the time to consider using one of the other graphing tools? If so, then what preferences are their for level of old browser support, approaches, functionality, size …

Has anyone started or attempted any updates for these already?

This could also be a time to update the datetimepicker as well.

From an update approach, is there a preference to change one at a time? e.g. jquery, datetimepicker then graphing tool? Or all in one?


I’ve thought about that in the past but just updated components up until a major version that break compatibility and requires updating every components - a time consuming task,

What i think can be a better solution is a step by step modular approach:

  • Write new modern graphs modules with better components from scratch.
  • Starting from the essential and focus on adaptive UI (mobile and web).

OK, makes sense.

Any thoughts on how to best approach this?

Is it worth splitting out what we currently have into the pure graphing components to then consider the base set of functions required, and the update the appropriate components?

Or do you have a few ideas of what we should otherwise consider?

Then agree on any extras required? e.g. I’ve seen another post for a request of dashed lines.

And what are you thinking with respect to the adaptive UI?