Time of use app -- error message


I’m getting the following error message when clicking the graph to switch from bar to line view.

I was wondering whether anyone had any pointers?


Hello @element2202 I’ve been able to replicate the issue and have pushed up a fix, available via the Admin > Update if you have an emonPi/emonbase.

Hi Trystan,

Thanks for this; I’ve done an update and can not replicate the problem :+1:t2:

I have another weird issue with the ‘Time of use’ app and was wondering whether you could shed any light? In summary, the Use Today value appears to stop counting following the end of the E7 period (as does the bar chart total). Interestingly enough however, it corrects itself at some point overnight (perhaps at the start of the next E7 period) as yesterday is now correct. This is a repeatable issue which I noticed a few days ago so I don’t think it’s related to the bug fix you applied yesterday, although I haven’t previously spent as much time on it as I have done today so some variables could be different (for example last night I charged my car so the night time usage is much higher than previous nights).

Using today as an example (26/08/2020) the app is reporting that the total use is 25.5kWh but I know from the ‘My Electric’ app, and by doing a differential on the cumulative feed, that it’s 31.6kWh at the time of writing this.

Calculating the kWh used between 0030 and 0730 from the feed I can see that it’s 25.6kWh … I assume with rounding this is the 25.5kWh reported by the ‘Time of use’ app and therefore the app stopped counting after 0730 for the purpose of Use Today.

What I’m unable to work out is why the bar chart shows 25kWh for night and 0.5kWh for day when indeed this is probably the total for the entire night period.

For reference the kWH used at the time of writing are:

0000-1128 - 31.6kWh
0030-0730 - 25.6kWh
0730-1128 - 6kWh

Any insights you have would be greatly appreciated so thank you in advance.


You can check out the “Time of use - flexible” App - see if it has the same problem?

@TrystanLea – I have attached today’s screenshot where the same thing has happened. You can also see that yesterday has now fixed itself. Cumulative kWh today should be 50kWh.

Hope this helps in some way.

Hi @Greebo – Just been playing with ‘Time of use - flexible’ – it’s pretty neat and doesn’t seem to exhibit the same problems I’m seeing so thank you. I can’t work out how to deal with half past hours though. I’ve tried 7.5 for 0730 but I can see from the graph that it’s making the switch between tariffs at 7AM in that example. I’ve manually checked against the (incorrect) times which it’s switching though and the kWhs look solid :slight_smile:

Ah, I didn’t notice that you needed half hours.
It wasn’t written to handle half hour tariff switches I’m afraid.

Sorry for the unnecessary diversion!

No problem and thanks anyway. Out of interest… are all tariff switches on the hour in Australia?

As far as I’m aware, yes.