Time mismatch even on reboot

Is the device supposed to know my timezone or does emoncms just log whatever emonesp sends?

When does the device reset the total for E1 and E2?

Read that the emonesp is supposed to sync the time with an NTP server on reboot. Mine does not seem to do that for some reason.

Hello @ishtangli

Emoncms will just log whatever an EmonESP device sends, the timezone is not critical, it is just used for timer control functionality as far as I can remember.

E1 & E2 are set on the EmonTx and depending on the firmware version you have, it will either reset on a power cycle or be saved to EEPROM. What behaviour are you seeing?

If that’s the case, then everything is good. I thought E1 & E2 logged daily totals. Thanks for clarifying this.

The emonTx has no concept of time of day, week, month or year. The only time it knows is between sending blocks of data by radio or via the serial port.

If you look in the documentation for emonLibCM, the details are there (EmonLibCM_getWattHour).

One more thing. The daily total stopped working. I’ve tried rebooting the emonTX and reinstalling the emoncsm.

Hello @ishtangli what does your emoncms input processing look like for the cumulative kWh feed?
Are your using ‘Log to feed’ and ‘Power to kWh’? Or on the E1 and E2 inputs you need to use ‘Log to Feed (Join)’ otherwise you can get gaps in the cumulative kWh data that cause the graphs to miss days, which may be what you are seeing - or it may be a completely different issue