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Three Phase kWh data logger using emon tx- base

Then @Barnaby_King would need to specify all his set-up options and the shop would need to compile and load his custom version in each of his emonTx’s. Have you made sure the shop is willing to do that? There would be hundreds of pre-compiled versions if every option were to be catered for. That’s why I don’t supply a compiled version, but always recommend that the user has a programmer and the Arduino IDE. They can then choose exactly the correct set of options for their application. Even when using the on-line settings, only a change of the NodeID and calibration is catered for, in accordance with the original specification.

I believe it is @Barnaby_King’s intention to configure and compile the sketch himself anyway - he already has seen the sketch and its documentation.

Yes i will manage to compile the sketch my self- it seems the instructions here are good. and i have friends i can lean on.

OK thanks - ill look into this on the Pi Juice sites -
Also is it not also the Emon TX which will need to shut down? also when the power comes back on - the Pi and Emon TX will need to be automatically turned on- is this possible?

Shutting down the emonTx isn’t a problem - you’ll lose the accumulated pulse count, that will start from zero again when power comes back, but simply removing the power won’t hurt it. If you use the recommended connection, then it derives its power from the Pi anyway, what I don’t know is how the PiJuice UPS switches the power to the Pi - that’s possibly another question for the PiJuice team, but I’d guess that it feeds it via the GPIO, so if the emonTx is also fed from the same pin, that’s the problem solved.

When power is restored, the Pi and emonCMS will normally restart automatically, and by the time the Pi has booted and emonCMS has started, the emonTx will be running and sending data. It means that you’ll miss the initial few tens of seconds, but unless the Pi and emonTx continued throughout the outage, or somehow knew to start up just before power was restored, that can’t be helped.