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emonTx V3.4

The emonTx V3.4 is the latest version of the emonTx Low Power Wireless Energy Monitoring Node designed for monitoring AC electrical power on a maximum of 4 separate (household/building) circuits using non-invasive clip-on CT sensors and an AC-AC Voltage adapter to provide a voltage signal for Real Power calculations. The emonTx V3.4 is a minor update to the emonTx_V3

emonTx V3.4


New features on emonTx V3.4 over V3 shown in bold

  • Measure AC Apparent Power, AC Real power* and AC RMS voltage*

  • 3 x single-phase CT current sensor inputs (100A / 24KW @ 240V max)

  • 1 x high sensitivity single-phase CT current sensor input channel (18.8A / 4.5KW @ 240V max)

  • 1 x RJ45 input for connecting DS18B20 temperature sensors

  • Single AC-AC adapter can power the unit and provide AC voltage measurement

  • An on-board 3x AA battery option with remote monitoring of battery voltage

  • Terminal block access to power rails, digital and analogue I/O and IRQ port for connecting pulse counting sensor / DS18B20 temperature / Aux sensors

  • DIP switch selection of RF node ID and 240V/120V AC adapter selection, see #DIP Switch Config

  • when AC-AC voltage adapter is connected