thermostat esp8266 1 ch dh22

(Andrea Randazzo ) #1

Can I upload this project, compiling it maybe changing pinout, on the sonoff th 10 ???

The dht22 sensor is compatible or only the ds18b20, the project says that only the ds18 is compatible …

Or alternatively I can use an esp8266 esp-12e + 1 relay board + dh22 temp sensor.

Precise that I need a dry contact, without voltage.

I want this software because it has a web server and weekly programming of the thermostat, then I would like to interface it to a raspberry with home assistant.

thank you so much

(Simon) #2

Essentially yes, but check the sonoff. If it’s like some of their other devices it is based on the esp8285 which probably won’t have enough memory. Try compiling the code to see how big it is. If you do this in the arduino environment and select the right target it should show you how much ram and rom would be used.


(Andrea Randazzo ) #3

thank you i will user wemos platform . i have another question , looking at the source code the are some files about an i2c oled screen . it work like a stand wall thermostat ?

(Andrea Randazzo ) #4

the other question is the relay is on GPIO12 , but i can’t understand what pin they user for 1wire of the DS18B20
looking at this diagram the header 3 get 1 to GPIO2 and other 2 pin to tx and rx … .

DS18B20 need vcc gnd and one wire for data…

(Andrea Randazzo ) #5

i flashed wemos d1 pro its start i choose the wifi network and when reboot … go in boot loop… im using the compiled bin … can be a problem ?