The Update Process and new EmonSD

Just a few comments on the update process.

The process has moved on leaps and bounds in recent years, the components page in particular is excellent, but there are still a couple of sticky issues;

  1. Log The log vanishes once complete. The only way to get it is to click on a different page and click back then quickly click on ‘Download Log’ before it vanishes again.
  2. Full update - it isn’t clear what happens to firmware updates if you happen to not be running an standard EmonPi. I’d rather that firmware update was kept separate or a choice on the type of system in use (EmonBase, EmonPi, Serially connected), equally I’m not sure some of these would update the firmware anyway. The Full Update is the only way from the UI to update the OS.
  3. Errors Difficult to identify if something has failed - providing more feedback is difficult to do, but a useful feature. Directing users to the components page to check the versions might help.
  4. Services I noticed that a service I’d disabled got re-enabled - this shouldn’t happen.

On EmonSD image update,

  1. It needs to move to the latest piOS base, but there have been reports of the SWAP filling up on systems using the latest Kernel.
  2. Can we move past the use of sudo pip - there are lots of errors regarding this and eventually it just will not work :slight_smile:

Happy to help with testing!

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Reports plural? I only found Random Hangs of emonPi/emonSD

Should someone ask

Someone else tried to install on PVE with Ubuntu 22 (I think) but was getting errors so tried Ubuntu 20 and it was fine.

You are welcome to test it :slight_smile:


That thread started a year ago and has drifted way off topic (latest post) and I don’t have the time to determine what was the outcome of the original question.


Kernel 5.15 has been in since 4th April 22 -

I doubt may folk have tried using the install script on the latest version.

I’ll be freeing up a PiZero shortly so I’ll give it a go then.