The Things Network / LoRaWAN - Integration

Hi Guys,

Looks a real nice platform!

We are already using LoRaWAN to remote manage our assets - using the Things Network

Are we able to integrate to this platform?




Depends on what you mean by ‘integrate’? :slight_smile:

Basically forward sensor data from TTN / TTI to Emoncms / map the fields in.

Looks a nice front end - planning on experimenting with LoRaWAN energy monitors (clamp on type)


Can you send the data via MQTT?

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Sure can! Various methods we can use.

If you point your data to an MQTT broker with the base topic of emon (you can change this) and then point emoncms to the same broker, it will automatically pick up that data as an Input. Each ‘node’ should be a sub-topic.

The payload can be a single value (as a sub-sub-topic) or a JSON object/string with multiple data items and a Time element.

Did you have any success this with this? We want to get some reasonably detailed info from potential solar panel sites, and using LoRaWAN removed the hassles of hooking up to their Wi-Fi or collecting an SD card.