"The credentials are invalid." when trying to sign into via iOS app 1.1


Using an iPhone 8, iOS 12.3.1 with the Emoncms app version 1.1… I’m unable to login using a username and a password.

When I use a password (from my password manager, that works on the website) I just get told “The credentials are invalid.”, but if I use an API Key it all seemingly works fine

Looking at the docs, I don’t see any mention of auth-ing with a username/password… Which suggests this is more of a “feature” than an actual bug? Is this intended?

If this is indeed the case, maybe the error handling could be improved, possibly special cased on the URL or similar, and telling the user to use an API key, and/or disable the username/password boxes and just allow the API key box.



Welcome Sam to the OEM forum.

I’m sorry nobody who is able to answer has noticed your question. I think @mattjgalloway is your best bet to answer this.

Huh! This is very strange. There’s an API function to get an API key from username and password, which is what the app uses.

Could you tell me what version of emoncms you’re running please?

I have the same problem with - Login with a web browser fine, login with the app, I get the error

Locally I’m running Version: low-write 10.1.2, however trying it again in the app gives a “The connection failed. Please try again.”

But if I remove the password and QR code scan the API key, it works

I should note I am using the iOS password fill feature to fill from my password manager (LastPass in this case), but I’ve never had a problem with any other app doing so