The Bluegreen Project - Off-grid Building Platform

Hi Everyone, we are launching a global collaborative effort to design an off-grid building platform. I would like to connect with the founders of Openenergymonitor and any other people that would be interested in working with us on this project.

What is ‘an off-grid building platform’?

Is there a URL to read more about your project?

I presume it’s the one in his profile - click his profile picture to go to the profile.

From their website:

The Bluegreen Building ‘Platform’ is a complete, turn-key, easy to assemble solution for manufacturers that want to produce a highly efficient, off-grid capable, green energy ready, IoT connected, ‘Smart’ modular buildings.

Hi guys, you can read more at The ‘platform’ can be thought of as a ‘kit of parts’, that modular manufacturers can use to build highly efficient, smart connected, off-grid buildings. For example, our first prototype is a 5 person office that requires no connection to power or water. The platform is the materials, technology and the connection to the service.

Sounds interesting, happy to be kept in the loop