The app My Electric and dashboard zoom and simple zoom can't handle MYSQL feeds anymore?


I use the emoncms My Electric app and a zoom in dashboard and nothing else. My data is stored in MySQL,
Since version v9 those things are broken. I just tried 9.7.8 and it’s still broken.

This time I tried a few more things and it seems that other things like bar graphs are working.

My set-up is running on a self hosted Raspberry Pi. I use the normal version of emoncms, not the low write version. Emoncms is used for displaying only. I use a script for input to MySQL.

Seems the MYSQL feeds are not supported anymore in all displays. Will that be fixed? Are there other branches for apps and dashboard that support MySQL and that are maintained?


Take a look at the “Does emoncms expects data to be send reguarly?” thread for some insight on how you could re-enable other feed engine types in MyElectric.


Replacing any occurance of “engine”:“5”, with “engine”:“0”, in /var/www/html/emoncms/Modules/app/myelectric/myelectric.js did help.

Only My Electric now expects “cumulative use in kWh” while I have daily kWh, I should be able to fix that I guess.

I am facing another issue with zoom and simplezoom charts after upgrade to newest emoncms version. Its related to MySQL feeds as well. I can not show weekly/monthly/yearly “kwh” bargraphs, I can show “power” charts only.
The new versions of charts calls a get_data_DMY function which is not available for MySQL engine.
After changing to get_data instaed of new, charts works as expected.
Can sb. from development have a look at this problém ?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

Zoom and simplezoom does not work for me either after upgrading from 8.4.0 to 9.7.9, how can I solve it? Everything else seems to work as expected.