Having just enjoyed my 4th solar bath, I think it’s time I expressed my thanks to all on this excellent forum. I self installed 3.5 kw of second hand solar capacity last summer and became increasingly dismayed at the amount of energy that my smart meter showed me to be exporting.
I was considering buying a Marlec diverter, and was googling the subject when I came across a post talking about ‘Robin Emley’s diverter’. More googling ensued until I landed on this site. I was hooked, and within a couple of months I had built Robert Wall’s PLL diverter based on an emontx V2 shield by Glyn Hudson and Trystan Lea.
So thanks Robin and Robert, for sharing so generously your knowledge, your designs and your code. Thanks Glyn and Trystan for making your shield available at such a reasonable price. And thanks to anyone else who has posted or answered questions on this forum, for making it such an excellent knowledge base.

Best wishes.


Welcome, Ebeneezer, to the OEM forum, and thank you on behalf of everyone for those kind words.