Thank you EmonCMS for being so flexible

Just another “Thank you” to @TrystanLea and all the contributors to EmonCMS.

I’m doing all sorts of odd things with it and it copes wonderfully. I particularly love how it handles things on different time granularities.

It’s also quite happy looking at things on very short and very long timescales. For example, here I can see my car’s max range over six months.

Nice work folks!

Thanks @MyForest really appreciate that, makes it all worthwhile! Thanks also for all your input on here on heat pump monitoring and thoughtful techniques for improving performance!

That’s an interesting graph! Really shows winter/summer variation, are those spikes just a result of how efficient you were driving in the last journey before leaving the car stationary? or partly temperature dependent as well? I should record the same on our leaf, always wish Id kept a long term timeseries of battery state of health!

@glyn.hudson you would be interested in this

You are very welcome Trystan.

I believe the variation is from temperature and driving style. We use the same type of charging pretty much all the time so I don’t think that’s having an impact. Each family member has a different driving style and we share the car so it’s going to be hard for it to cope.

I was hoping to get some thoughts from from r/BMWi3 but it doesn’t seem we got any deeper into it over there.

I do have a feed of the mileage and the charge level so (assuming battery capacity roughly constant) I suppose I could work out the efficiency of the previous journey. As you can imagine with me, I have all the input data for every five minutes since we got the car so I could go back and do that, but it’s not looking like I’ll have a lot of spare time soon.

BTW you can see a big blank spot in the middle of November. That’s because BMW changed their API. Things were a bit crazy for me in November!