Testing Topic Template

(Jon Murphy) #1

This is a test within the Sandbox (jon)

Type of Raspberry Pi:
Connected via Wi-fi or Ethernet:
Ambient temperature approx (in ºC):
Image name (or “custom build”):

This is called a Topic Template. I haven’t figured out if it is useful…

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(Bill Thomson) #4


If ya need to test anything, say the word. Happy to help.



(Robert Wall) #5

I think the sandpit is where anyone can play and no-one takes it seriously. I’m sure you or I can delete sandbox material like any other.

(Bill Thomson) #7

Deleting a post appears to behave the same as in the unlocked forums. I.e. the post gets hidden vice deleted. My guess is that mods/admin can see it as hidden, but to regular users, it’s gone.