Testing new device module integration

I have been trying this version on my installation.

The list of feeds and inputs now takes 5ish seconds to load whenever you click on the page or click refresh.

Is this expected?



Hello @Ian999, thankyou for testing, roughly how many inputs/feeds do you have? are you accessing across a slow connection? does the interface resize quickly?

Hello Trystan,

Answers to your questions:

  1. Inputs: 9 / Feeds: 15
  2. Connection Speed: It was all on local wireless network connecting to main firewall that does SSL offload to Centos Server. Wifi is the slowest connection in the system and that still provides 50mbps+ on an internet connection.
  3. Once you have waited the 5 seconds, the interface just appears with all inputs or feeds.

I am currently testing this on a firefox web page remotely (20mbps link) and I get the same delays and characteristic.

When you open the feeds page you get the “Select” dropdown box and the restore/maximise button, then immediately below that you get the 2 buttons “refresh feed size” and “New virtual feed”

After 5 seconds, the list of feeds suddenly just appears between the select dropdown and the 2 bottom buttons.

Please let me know if you want any more information or me to do any more tests.




(Still on the remote connection).

Now firefox loaded the streams/feeds once, they load almost immediately every time. Whereas in safari on the ipad they always take the 5 seconds to open.

Hope this helps!


Thankyou @Ian999, we have fixed one potential cause of the slow loading time you have seen (removed large moment-wit-locales.js by emrysr · Pull Request #976 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub), if you could try the latest master again that would be great

I have done a git pull on my emoncms folder and it updated. I then did an update on the Modules folder and it said already up to date. I can only assume the Modules folder is updated as part of the main emoncms pull.

Interestingly, the inputs page now loads as instantaneously as I can see, but the nodes are always minimised on load, if I click as quickly as possible to the node, it expands and shows all of the inputs.

The feeds page still loads in the same way with the the “Select” dropdown box and the restore/maximise button, and immediately below that the 2 buttons “refresh feed size” and “New virtual feed”, then after 5 seconds the list of feeds is then inserted between.

Firefox will then cache that for a small while, whilst the ipad safari will have the same issue every time.

looking at the server usage (top) during this reload, there are 4 httpd processes running approx 0.7% CPU.

The current load average for the server is 0.02, 0.04, 0.05

I hope this helps.


Thanks @Ian999, experienced the same issue with the 5s loading time today and found the issue, latest version fixes it.

5s loading time is fixed.

Viewing on the ipad mini / iPhone is now unfixed!

I now get a text list of the 15 feeds, but none of the grey table background, or any of the additional columns (feed type, feed size, last update, or current value)

Could you try again now, with latest master @Ian999?

Upon opening the feeds from another page on the iPhone or iPad I get the attached error message.

Once I click close on the error message, All fields load almost immediately, but slightly odd positions, then after 5 seconds it switches to “normal”

If I hit the refresh button on safari (or setup->feeds when already on the feeds page) then it stays loaded correctly and the values just update.

Firefox on the PC seems to work as expected and without error messages.

Sorry to keep asking you to try again, @emrys has added a check for these functions, which may help checking for bootstrap collapse plugin before running by emrysr · Pull Request #993 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub, there may be a timing issue with loading all the libraries at the right time…

No worries!

I have just tried again on the iPad and it is loading first time, without errors and quickly expected.

Thanks for fixing it!

Great to hear! Thankyou for testing!

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Hello @TrystanLea

I have noticed that if you have this new module running and then open the inputs screen, there are the following issues:

  1. All of the names of inputs from nodes has dissapeared
    You can only see the Key ID, Icons for Process List, Last Update Interval, Current Value, and the Process Spanner. (If you click the tickbox then you can get the delete button).

  2. You cannot edit any of the names of the inputs from any nodes.

When I turn off beta mode, all of the names appear (if they have been set), and the pencil and delete buttons appear so I can then click the pencil icon to edit the names if required.

This is not an issue with the data fetched over RS485 from my inverter as the input Key is a text string that reflects what each input actually is.
It is however an issue from anything that sends the node information where NodeID / KeyID are numbers (e.g. emonhub/emonpi to my Centos emoncms installation), as suddenly you then need to work out what each number corresponds to before being able to do anything.

The feeds page is also a lot sparser on information but you can still see what each feed actually is. Is there the chance if being able to add a feed information screen which does provide all of the removed info (and potentially items such as feed interval etc)

Hope this helps


Hello @Ian999 Good points I’ve created a github issue for editing input name and description here: Editable name and description for inputs in new input view · Issue #1009 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub

For the feed info, if you hover on a particular feed it will detail the id, interval and start time: