TempSensor and DataCorrection

I have a temp sensor on my DataLogger (WebControl Server). I allready pushed successfully the data to my local raspi emoncms installation, but the data needs to be corrected by a slope (multiplier) 0,0929 and an Offset of -30.7793.
How can i do this as the importer just takes the value given by the WebControl Server.
So to get correct temp shown i need to multiply with 0.0929 and -30.7793 :slight_smile: Thnx for you help

I found now the ProstProcessing, but this is not working for formula as it allways shows an error (f8 is the correct feed id).
STOPPING could not understand your formula SORRY…

Hi Alexander,

You can do this via input processing, before you log the corrected value to a feed. This is done via the ‘inputs’ page, through the wrench icon. Please see my screenshot for an example;

Just take care of the order. Do you need to do the offset first, or the multiplier first?

thnx for the hint. multiplier firs

works perfect !
one question left - when adjusting the input in this way i got two feeds.
one with the original value and one with the temp.
will this first still be needed ?

If you need it, keep it, if you don’t, don’t log at that point in the processing and then delete the Feed.