Temperature Sensor Pocket

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Do you know what adaptor is needed to connect the temperature sensor retaining connector to a 1/2 BSP TEE .

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M10*1.0mm temperature probe seat to 1/2" male BSP

Hard to find!


Thanks ! Do you also know if it is possible to get spare M10 sensor adaptor with O-Ring as sown in the photo.


You can but you shouldn’t need to - normally on those little heat meters one probe is already in the meter flow sensing body and the other you use the bagged up kit for.

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Wow. I didn’t know what to look for before to add extra sensors. “1/2 inch thermowell” search on Amazon turns up a bunch of hits (“1/2 inch thermowell ds18b20” even turns up a few, there are a lot of counterfeit ds18b20 so buyer beware).

It’s possible to find some very high quality ones suitable for scientific experiments, with a high price tag to match.

Those are not for DS18B20 sensors. They are for the platinum temperature probes that come with heat meters.

DS18B20 sensors are best kept outside the pipework…

@Marko_Cosic Do you have any source for these probe seats ? I have damaged the originals that were supplied.

These appear to be stainless with a pocket inside for the ds18b20 i.e. the probe is never directly exposed to the fluids. Clearly poking something into the flow is going to increase the system pressure that the pump sees. Is there some other problem putting it into the pipework that I should know about?


These are for 5.2 mm diameter platinum resistance probes that come with heat meters.

A DS18B20 sleeved in stainless will not fit. The photo that you see at the top of the thread is not a DS18B20.

@Marko_Cosic Oh really …does the shop sell just these probe seats as spare ?

Ask the question for O-rings and sensor backnuts; probably curse at what postage costs vs the gubbins!

You can also buy the adapter to 1/2" here these days:

Kamstrup part 65-56-546 R1/2" to M10 nipple for direct immersion temperature probe

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