Temperature reported back to Hub is 10x actual

Running EVSE with 4.1.4 firmware,… and reporting back to emonPicms…
Looking at ‘inputs’ on cms,… the temperature is 10x actual displayed ( 70 degrees C,. rather than 7.0C) temperature from EVSE web page,… is this me?,… or a known issue to this firmware.
Or am I just looking at the data wrong,…
Yours confused… :slight_smile:

That’s how the raw data is transmitted, if you use the device config to apply input processing to convert the Input to Feeds this will be converted to a float. Or you can do this yourself by applying a x0.1 Emoncms input process, see OpenEVSE / EmonEVSE Setup Guide — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation

Tx Glyn,… I had done that,… but thought I was just kludging something that didn’t need a fudge,… and I was doing something else incorrectly

Adding to Glyn’s answer - it’s something we generally do when we need to send a smallish decimal number (less than 327.67 or 3276.7) with one or two digits of decimal precision - multiply by 10 or 100 at source, send it as an integer (2 bytes - it’s smaller than a double), then divide it back down to size at the receiving end.

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