Temperature from emonTH is always 0

Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased an emonPi and 4 emonTH pre-configured.
After configuring the inputs and feeds, I noticed the reading for t1,t2,t3,t4 are always 0’C
Power1 ,Power2 and Pulse are displaying the correct values

Is there something else that need to be configured ?
LCD shows the following
Jul 15 07:17
Uptime 1.01 days
Serial : xxxx
WiFi : YES 52%
Pulse 1p
Temp 1: 0’C
Temp 2: 0’C

Hello @santheep

The temperature values shown on the LCD screen and in the emonPi specific inputs are for wired temperature sensors e.g + Add Temperature Sensors - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

The EmonTH data should appear in the emoncms inputs page alongside the emonPi inputs as additional nodes e.g:

Hi @TrystanLea,

They do appear , but shouldn’t they show real time temperature values ?

Hello @santheep yes the emonth values should keep updating every 60 seconds. It looks like you have an entry for the emonth in the emonhub log as well, do they keep coming in or is it just the once?

Like Trystan wrote, the temperatures on this screen:

are NOT your emonTHs.

NEITHER are the values labelled Publishing: emon/emonpi/t1 etc in this picture:

Those are the same readings as the image above, from the same temperature sensors – the ones that can be connected directly to the RJ45 socket on your emonPi - and they are not what you are looking for.

It is the last part of that screenshot that shows one of your emonTHs:

The temperature at 12:10 today was 24.1 °C

Thanks @Robert.Wall and @TrystanLea.
I will re-check again.

Hi @TrystanLea , @Robert.Wall ,

I have verified that all 4 emonTH are powered up , the green LED appeared for a few seconds
but as you can see from the screenshots, I am not able to see any new emonTH nodes besides the emonth5 and emonth8, which are our current working emonth nodes.
I have also made sure that the 4 emonTH nodes have different DIP switch set as recommended
First emonTH: off off
Second emonTH: on off
Third emonTH: off on
Fourth emonTH: on on

Hello @santheep Could you try powering up one EmonTH at a time to see if any emonth related inputs update? Could you also check that the green LED light on each EmonTH lights up breifly when you insert the batteries?

Hi @TrystanLea , @Robert.Wall ,

Managed to resolve the issue.
I disabled the older temperature nodes, and only enabled the 4 new temperature nodes and then I was able to see all 4 new temperature nodes.

Thanks guys.

That sounds as if you had duplicate NodeIDs between the “old” and the “new”. Every device on your radio network must have its own unique NodeID. As you have 7 (the emonTHs plus the emonPi), you will need to edit the emonTH sketch to change two of them, and re-load.

If you are editing your EmonTH sketch then this may help.

Gernal Advice is to stick with Arduino IDE.

I second that. Platformio screwed up my OEM system when I installed it - it took hours to straighten everything out again, after I’d sent it to the bit bucket.