Temp Sensor values too high

My emonPi hardware failed so I replace with a new unit. The values were correct before replacement. The only configuration change I made was to the nodeID. This is using an RJ45 terminal block and 6 DS18B20 sensors plugged into the RJ45 port on the emonPi.

Here are the output values displayed:

Which are the temperature inputs? I’m afraid my crystal ball has clouded over today.

And what is wrong with them? What are the values you expect? Bear in mind that no adjustment is possible, so any error is down to the tolerance of the sensors - plus any self-heating effects.

Are you suggesting they are a factor of 10 out? What definition do you have in your emonhub.conf for Node 4 - because there isn’t one in the default file. So have you copied its definition etc from the standard Node 5?

Thank you Robert. I had forgotten to duplicate node 5 for node 4.