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Telegea Smart Hub as OEM data acquisition device

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The Open Source Telegea project has developed the Telegea Smart Hub. This device is basically a gateway between the physical world of sensors and actuators and the communication network. It is particularly suited for monitoring and controlling thermal energy application, but not limited to this.

What can you do with it?

  • measure temperature and humidity
  • count pulses from energy and flow meters
  • detect on/off status
  • communicate with Modbus devices
  • read M-Bus utility meters
  • communicate with wireless sensors (under development)
  • read analog inputs (under development)

How can it communicate with the user ?

  • HTTP Rest API
  • MQTT
  • Modbus TCP

via Ethernet or optional Wifi module.

This is the block diagram of the software architecture:

The device will happily talk to EmonCMS by posting selected sensor data from any of the service layer modules to the HTTP API. Therefore it can be easily integrated into an existing OEM system. It runs Linux and the software is open source (of course) and published on GitHub.

The Telegea Smart Hub is available as a DIN rail box.

Would anyone be interested in using this device with OpenEnergyMonitor? Any comments, suggestions for improvements?

Thanks, Ondrej

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Here is some more information on the hardware. We will start production of the new revision of the Telegea Smart Hub PCB in January. So it should be available fairly soon. It would be great to have some feedback so we can still get some modification into the final design.

This is a picture of the current PCB revision. It lacks the 24V power supply option, the 4 ADC channels and the add-on module connector which will all come in the new version.

And this is the M-Bus master add-on module which can be plugged into the Smart Hub and transform it into an M-Bus gateway to read out your M-Bus utility meters. Design and prototyping is complete, we are preparing for production.