Technology newbie

Hi. I am getting solar PV installed next week and I am looking at getting an Emonpi. However, I’m a complete newbie when it comes to the level of tech that I am coming across on the forum. What I am interested in doing is monitoring how much electric I am producing/using and if there is excess I would like to turn on a smart plug (attached to washing machine or dishwasher) and any further excess to the immersion (can emon pi do this directly or do I need a solar iboost or equivalent?). What do I need to purchase and what smart plugs can easily work with this set up? I had originally been looking at Wemo but I have seen a lot about LightwaveRF on this site - if I need to use LightwaveRF do I need the Lightwave link too? Also, is the connection with the LightwaveRF sockets or the plugs?