Tabbed interface for multiple feed views

@JumpMaster I love your App but I wonder if it can be a bit more generic. Having had a scan of the code (and trust me I don’t understand it all) it seems that you make calls to emoncms and then graph the data returned.

I wonder therefore, if it would be possible to specify a specific feed and graph that in a particular way.

For instance, I graph the internal temp, external temp in a multigraph on a dashboard. It would be good if a user could specify a number of feeds and a graph type and get those charted. Perhaps also specify a feed for ‘latest value’ to give a larger data output? A couple of different templates (e.g. graph + number or number only) could be defined to be used.

If it was possible to add a tab dynamically and specify the feeds for each tab that would work well I think.

Just an idea. As I say I love the App; just like it to do a bit more :smile: