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I am looking to sync my emonpi (running local emoncms install) with to contribute to

The two emoncms instances connect fine and I’m able to transmit feeds manually by hitting ‘upload’ on the local copy - however i can’t see how to sync on an ongoing basis?

ServiceRunner appears to be running fine along with all other services (screenshot below) - i’m running v11.3.22

I have been reticent to post this issue as I have to think there is something very basic that I’m doing wrong. Could somebody point me in the right direction please? Screenshots below and big thanks in advance.

Local emoncms after hitting upload on first three feeds. after a manual sync

Admin on Emonpi. The FeedWriter is showing the pending write…

Hello Ben

You can set up a sync module cron upload to do this automatically. Start by logging in to your Pi using SSH. Then open crontab:

crontab -e

add the line:

45 1 * * * php /opt/emoncms/modules/sync/sync_upload.php > /dev/null

that will upload your latest feed data to the configured remote server at 1:45am every morning, please select a random time (or times) so that we don’t get everyone uploading at the same time.

This will upload only the feeds that you have already started to upload via a manual sync.

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Thanks very much, great help.

Except Disaster, ssh is out of action ‘password denied’ :sob: - no idea why emonpi2016 default isnt working per usual. checked it is enabled from LCD

i remember it used to be possible it retrieve the password via the LCD. Is there any way of retrieving or resetting from within emoncms do you know? doh

Prior to the Nov 2022 image, the SSH user was pi and the password emonpi2016. For this version on, it became user pi and the password emonsd – unless of course you changed it to something else.

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Thanks both, sorted now i think! Here’s hoping the data will run overnight.

Much appreciated.

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