Synch does not work for Kwh/d data

Dear All,

I have a local EMonpi running (version 10.1.11) and I am trying to download my feeds from the down to the instance which is running locally on a raspberry. The Synch in general works, but I dont have the option to synch down feeds that are kwh/d. (Download buttons are missing from every feeds that are kwh/d)

Is this because the version of the local instance is quite old, or the kwh/d type of data is not part of the synch by design?
If Synch is not an option, what other method i may have to make these kwh/d feeds available locally?

Unfortunaly a full backup (from emoncms) and a restore (to my local instance) is not an option now.

Many thanks for any hints

Let me respond to my question with the resolution :slight_smile:
My PI was running with an old base mage (emonSD-30Oct18).
I did a backup, downloaded the latest stable version, installed to a new SD card, restored the data from the USB and right after i had all the feeds available for sync from/to the
So i cant confirm this problem was because of the old image (i have not scanned through the logs) but the new install basically resolved the problem.

And one more thing.
i am unfortunately not a linux guru, but all the tools, the installers the scripts and utils for emonPI/CMS extremely well documented. the whole upgrade restore, re-config, fine tunings and basicall everything went smoothly, fast, with no issues at all.
All my data, graphs, feeds, values, everything since 2014 still available, and this just works.

AMAZING job guys you are doing! really just a set and forget type of tool this is!!

Thanks you much