Sync Issues

The other curious thing… the Sync page on my local Emoncms instance states “Local and Remote are the same”.

Perhaps the heatpump_dhw data is landing in the wrong place on the cloud side because of something I have done?

I have tried a couple of times to generate some CSV data for days before I created the input and feed, in order to split the DHW/Space heating out on those earlier graphs.

Is there a way to amend the start time of the feeds?

Perhaps I accidentally created timestamps for Dec 2022, instead of 2023?


No. It is fixed.

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If there is a mismatch on start times, the easiest fix is to delete the target that your trying to upload from or download to, the copy not the original :slight_smile:

Is the start time based on when the feed is created?

If not, could I backup the data to CSV, add the values for earlier dates to that CSV, then delete the feed in both local and cloud and then create them again and upload the full data?

Probably more of a “should” question than “could”. Unless it is a way to fix the issue with syncing too.

It just seems a shame not to have the heatpump_dhw for the full for the earlier days.

Yes that’s it.

It’s possible to use the post processing module to do this.

  1. You will need two PHPFina feeds one with the old data and another with the newer data on your local Pi.
  2. Setup > Post process > Create new > mergefeeds


  1. Select the feeds as required and create a new feed that combines them both. Select process from the start.

That should do it.

Thank you.
Will have a ponder. Worried I might make things worse.

After merging two feeds to a new one, would it be possible to delete the two and rename the new merged one to heatpump_dhw so that it is used by the app? Or would it be better to just reconfigure the MyHeatpump app to use the new feed for the DHW toggle?

I would also need to amend my HA configuration so it sends the value to the new feed name.

Yes that’s what I would do. Create the new feed first, verify that it has merged correctly. Map the input across to the new feed. Check again and then once you are happy delete the old feeds. Configure the apps etc to use the new feed. Rename if required to original name…

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Sorry, I’m a little lost.

I tried just deleting the heatpump_dhw feed from the cloud instance entirely and after recreating it I was able to use the sync tool in local instance to push the data up but the cronjob synchronisation continues not to work.

So I have prepared a CSV containing 30 second unix timestamps with 1.0 or 0.0 for the values. I deleted the heatpump_dhw feed on my local Emoncms and created a new feed from the input but the import data tool doesn’t let me add the historic data, so that local feed now starts from this evening. :man_facepalming:

I tried creating a new virtual feed but when trying to import the CSV data to that feed it throws an error about it not being in the correct format.

Just noticed the end time for the feed on the cloud instance. (screenshot below)
I suspect I selected the wrong year when trying to generate some back dated feed timestamps.

Is there a way I can purge any future dated values for this feed, please?

I’ve lost the data from my local instance for before 8th Jan so don’t want to do anything that would risk losing it from the cloud instance.