Sync from emonPi to local emonCMS

I am trying to use Sync to get Feeds from an emonPi to my local emoncms, but seem to have trouble with some data.

My emonPi inputs are configure like:

and these appear in the emonPi Feeds thus:

Now on my EmonPi I go to Sync Feeds and enter the login details for my local emonCMS I see:

If I click ‘Upload’ for any of ‘vrms’, ‘use_kwh’, ‘use’, or ‘t1’ then the Uploads all work as expected , but if I try upload for any of the others i get:

(the behind ones catch up after a while).

then on my emonCMS:

and in the Data Viewer (Graphs) all of the ‘kwhd’, Min or Max values appear empty.

Am I doing something wrong ?

Hello @G0LGS it looks like there is an issue with uploading the PHPTIMESERIES feeds. Checking here I can see that Im getting the same result as you are.

I’ve created an issue here to track this bug PHPTimeSeries feeds not uploading · Issue #34 · emoncms/sync · GitHub I will try and take a look at it later today or tomorrow.

At least it is good to know it wasn’t just me doing something wrong.


Hello. Any workaround for this problem?
I’m using [low-write 10.2.1] and trying to sync the feeds with a remote emoncms 11.0.7. All seems to work well but PHPTIMESERIES feeds.