Sync with a local copy

Good morning.
I am using “emoncms portal” to log data from a solar installation installed in a remote house. It works fine and I am satisfied with this.
Now I decided to create a local instance of the program installing the software on a linux box running Ubuntu 18.04 (emoncms Version: 10.8.5).
I want to synchronize the feeds coming from the emoncms portal to local instance.
The installation instructions of sync module seem to not been updated with the actual release of emoncms software (in the paper it’s suggested to edit a file settings.php and change it, but emoncms now use a settings.ini file instead).
So I had to correct some errors in order to make the software to work (partially !).
For example in sync_controller.php the following instruction had a parameter less (I added the parameter after $options ‘’)

$result = $feed->create($session[‘userid’],$tag,$name,$engine,$options,’’);
I had to create by hand the directories /var/opt/emoncms/phpfina and the other for timeseries , etc…

Actually I was able to download the list of feeds as well the inputs.

After Downloaded the feeds (sync feed menu) I get the list on the feed page , the data is in TIMESTORE (0 bytes).
Running sudo php sync_run.php the first time I get the download of all feeds data (example):
/var/opt/emoncms/phpfina/–downloaded: 857740 bytes

the feed page show the last measure of feed but no history.
Manually I download the inputs and I can see the values but not automatic update happens.

My question is : I have to download the inputs and create new feeds starting by here ?
or just download the feeds (but I do not see the history)

Sorry I cannot help with your problem, but I am having trouble with sync’ing my local instance to my data on as well. I was able to manually download the feed data, but the ‘sync’ module based import is not working. I want to import inputs,feeds and dashboards. I wanted to see if you made progress since you posted this question.

@TrystanLea ?

Hello @maxdod @powermon

First I would recommend having the latest version of emoncms core 11.0.7+ and sync module 2.1.3+ as there’s been quite a few changes in recent versions that can break things if there is a version mismatch.

You then need to either have the service-runner service running (which in turn runs the sync background process).
emoncms/ at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub

Or alternatively you can run the sync background process manually by running sync_run.php directly.

I’ve updated the sync module readme to reflect the installation location that we are now using as standard for new installations (I realise the readme was still suggesting the home directory, sorry about that!), see: sync/ at master · emoncms/sync · GitHub

What is the best way to update to the latest version of emoncms? I tried to pull from git but it says I am already up to date. I am running 11.0.5.

I switch to master branch in the update tab. Now it is better. I can see my feeds, good progress, thanks Trystan. but I do not see inputs or dashboard yet. I will try to check logs etc later today to see what maybe the problem.