Switching to Octopus Agile

A warning to anyone who is thinking of switching to Octopus Agile but were previously a customer of Octopus.

Don’t do it via the website - it completely mucks everything up. Their system cannot cope - you need to phone them!

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Have you got smart meter?

I have dumb meter with Bulb and thinking of switching. Advice I see elsewhere says to get smart meter installed first before switching:

The last thing I want to do is to charge my EV while stuck on their regular 18p rate.

No I don’t. As I don’t have an EV it makes little difference to me. Their cheapest tariff for my area is 14.7p (inc VAT) - that is more than I am paying at the moment though.

I did ask the question and they say they hope to have it all done within 6 weeks. If you use a referral code you get £50 credit so that can ease the pain.

I’ll get the meters done by Octopus.


Thanks for using my referral code @borpin, very much appreciated.

In other news, I replied to your note about the daily graph and have made it permanently linked via:

Thanks. Integrated into HA :grinning:


Can you switch the graph to points? Using bars for averages tricks the eye into believing the bar contains all the values (but for a median 50% will be higher). Neatly demonstrated with this gif: (download to play).

I had a shot like this (median and interquartile range):

I’m happy as is :grinning:. I just want a graphical representation of cost per half hour for a wall mounted kiosk to inform the household. Ideally, the current block woul be highlighted, but it is fine for now. Not really interested in any comparison/median/mean etc.

Fab… I’ll tell you what i’d like to do in HA… is extend that ‘next’ Agile cost into some sort of table so that the family can see the price of the upcoming next few hours.

Ah well, got other jobs on the to-do list before returning to HA.

I did a blog post on my potential savings by moving from Ecotricity to Octopus: 30%, without any use-pattern change. If I can cut the peak use that’s another £200 a year saved (undercut by potentially buying it at cheaper times).

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I’m much the same. On the last 4 months data, my effective p/kWh would be around 10p on Agile as opposed to 14p (in VAT).

If only I could get the swap completed.

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We’ve signed up with Octopus. We have a working 2nd gen smart meter, so hopefully the change will be smooth…

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