SwiftMailer error

Hi guys.
My emoncms is hosted on a shared host and when I want to use recovery e-mail ,I don’t receive any mail and see this error in the logger page:
email.php|check() Could not find SwiftMailer, email functions are ignored.
I’ve currently configured email setup in the setting.php file.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Take a look at the “Could not find SwiftMailer” thread.

Thank you Paul for your help.
I saw that topic previously but as I mentioned before I’m on shared host and my host provider does not install swift mailer on my host.
Is there an alternative solution?

Is another mailer installed? (Sendmail?)
If so, it should be possible to write replacement functions for that.

For Sendmail, I did a simple message in 2 lines of PHP:

$message = 'Rates were automatically updated on '.date("D, j M Y \a\\t G:i (\G\M\T O) \n"); mail('[email protected]', 'Exchange Rates', $message, 'From: [email protected]');

You did say shared hosting but you did not say swiftmailer wasn’t available, in that instance I would say the error “Could not find SwiftMailer,” is pretty much self-explanatory, to be expected even…

Although I have not tried it myself, AFAIK swiftmailer can be installed anywhere (if you get it direct from github) as long as the php code can find it, which may well mean editing the emoncms code to point it to the new location.

Sounds like he might be saying his host won’t allow Swiftmailer to be installed.

The host I had wouldn’t allow installing anything that wasn’t on their list of available apps.

Thank you all for your help.

Is another mailer installed? (Sendmail?)
If so, it should be possible to write replacement functions for that.

As I can see horde, roundcube and squirrelmail are currently installed on my host.
Is is possible to you to tell me what change should I do on PHP files for these mailer app?
Thanks :wink:

It may be that your host has already configured a mail application to work with the PHP mail( … ) function, so try making a simple PHP web page that sends you a fixed message like the one I gave as an example. If that works, you can then take the next step of writing it into emonCMS.

If that does not work, I think you will need to do some research and find which of the ones available is the easiest to use that will do what you need. I am not familiar with any of those, so I cannot help you.