Sunamp 7kWh Heat Battery for sale UK - now SOLD

Sunamp 7kWh ‘Uniq eHW 6 +iPV’ unit new in 2022 and used to provide domestic hot water (DHW) from excess solar PV and/or direct (3kW) power (e.g. cheaper overnight tariff). The unit has worked flawlessly and provides small-space low-loss hot water storage as-per specification.

I’ve installed a heat pump to replace my combi boiler and needed to swap-out the Sunamp for a different version which takes the DHW feed from the heat pump, so I still have a similar
size Sunamp unit and am very pleased with performance.

The unit worked with the ‘Mk2 PV Router’ which I built from the Robin Emley kit and it has also worked well, diverting excess solar to the Sunamp. I’m selling the diverter separately here - see ad.

Priced here for £800 - Pics attached. Collect from Oxford or will securely palletise / courier by arrangement with buyer. Please note this is a very heavy item (140kg) and needs care when handling.

No offers please.

Should there be a link?

Yes, sorry there’ll be a link later when I post - meed a couple of pics. Thanks for comment!


Mk2 PV Router ad now posted.

Edit - added link to post. BT, Moderator

As an aside, 7W standby seems really high for such a small PCB that’s basically just waiting for something to happen. Or is it just me?

Sorry, not sure I understand your comment / concern, so yes, it’s probably ‘just you’ :slight_smile: