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SUN-1000G2 extension adaptor

Not sure Who would be interested- but for those who might be and bought Sun-1000g2 series limiting GTI or bigger variant and wish to extend its distance from the fuse panel with out having to buy the expensive optional remote interface… I bought a bunch more solar panels this spring and needed some GTI . i decided to try these one. as it can be either GTI or battery driven… i turned down it maximum out put to 60 - 80% of the inverter rating and adjust it working condition to match 60% of my battery bank rating and have it connected to a lithium battery pack that is being charged by the new solar panels

since I have split phase power in N.A Sun -1000G2 does not work for me out of the box. my low power consumption house only has 100 amp panel so sct013 CT work fine for I combined two cts together into one unit but you can use a simple Y adapter but one CT will be facing the opposite direction.

I made a simple network cable adapter that consists of a network interface and an audio adapter. connect all odd number pins to the ground of the audio adapter and all the even pins to the tip , now when you plug in the common network cable each twisted pair is carrying both sides of the analog signal from the CT ( reduces line loss over distance distance )

then make a simple adapter for the inverter that converts it from M12 to 3.5mm audio jack

in the end they will look something like this

my out building that houses the batteries and GTI is about 150 - 200 feet from my fuse panel. I ran a long Cat 5 from here to there… plugged it and it work flawlessly its accuracy seams to be about 5-10 watts. but does not seam to allow to over produce. I hope these SUN inverters are as good as the originals ones i bought about 10 years ago they (sun-1000w) are still going strong

for those who might be curious – i had it all working for a little while and all seams fine. I actually moved the inverter and batteries to another out building and the zig zag distance is 280 feet ( ~90m) on a cat6 solid core . working well as a powerwall though had to offset the emontx firmware by 23 watts , as that was the difference between what the inverter thought was zero and what the emontx thought was zero. so it would fight a little bit trying to find zero if you didn’t .