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I now have my EmonPI nicely setup and providing data on my consumption and solar production. I can see my base consumption is around 400W which seems a lot and something I should reduce. The most likely culprits are my router, 24-port switch, server, etc. I work in IT and have a “lab” for eating my own dog food. I’d like to be able to sub-meter these devices to make some changes and reduce overall consumption. I could buy a emonTX and current clamps but that seems to me a bit overkill and messy. What I’d like is a multi-socket PDU with individual monitoring of the devices that send wireless readings of watts that I can read remotely but without costing silly money. Any suggestions?

This product isn’t actually what you ask for, but if you can’t find what you ask for it might be worth considering (given the background you give).
This is probably somewhat overkill for what you want, but I used to supply the APC 9721 with my systems. This had 8 sockets, and you could control/see the current over either an SSH, telnet or SNMP interface (wired Ethernet).
I made some changes to one company that claimed to be monitoring CO2 usage for server systems and the code checked the current drawn using SNMP then fed it back into their database.