Stuck Relay

Our EVSE stopped charging through the night with a ‘Stuck relay’ error. It is the first time it has happened although I have done some long charges the last couple of nights. Should I be worried?

I get that every now and then, last night for example, haven’t been able to figure out the reason :frowning: Restart under Hardware via web ui always fixes it. Pretty frustrating issue, tbh.

If the error appears again the relay probably needs replacing.

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It didn’t happen last night thankfully. Car was pretty on charge!

What specific component is that in the shop?

We sell the contactors that we use for the EmonEVSE:

But we can order in a contactor for the OpenEVSE, this is a very rare issue we’ve never actually had any customers request a replacement.

Good to hear. It’s probably a good idea to open up the unit and just give it a visual inspection, obviously isolate the power first!

The error occurred again last night. I will inspect it today. A relay failure for a unit that is not even 18 month old seems premature?

Good to know it’s not common, but I seem to have a cursed unit. It arrived with a bad controller, which you replaced, and then the WiFi module kept hanging and so I replaced with the Ethernet module. The relay is the only part I haven’t replaced!

Another edit:

Is 45 degrees C hot? It’s located in our garage which is always cold.

Offtopic, but where is that screenshot taken from?

I’m planning on upgrading to 3-phase system, so would be replacing the contactor anyway. Just need to find something with same specs in EU, it takes weeks to order stuff from UK nowadays due to customs. :frowning:

It’s the bottom of the home page when connecting to the EVSE web interface.

Yes, very much so. To my memory I’ve not heard of a contactor fail. My home unit has been used daily charging 2x EVs for 7 years without any issues. We will obviously arrange a replacement under warranty if it has failed.

No, that’s normal.

Please contact [email protected] to arrange a replacement.

Brexit is such a pain :frowning:
AC contactors are very common, any 4-pole 40A+ contactor will work e.g Schneider A9C20843.

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Yes it is :sob:

Hmm, cannot find anything like that. Does it come with the new Wifi v4?

We used a DIN mounted contactor in the EmonEVSE, please start a separate topic since this is not related to the OPs issue.