STL for Easy 3D printing for UNO/WEMOS formats

hi there
I made some STLs for 3D printing that some people might find useful

UNO/Mega case and lid

the UNO/Mega case/lid is easily adjustable to any size you require . simply measure the with width and length add 8mm to them and modify Sketch under PAD in freeCad and if you wish to adjust the depth adjust Pad. you can also adjust the post heights as well and every thing will self adjust (Pad0001)
for the lid it is the same just adjust Sketch to whatever parameters you used for the box and the lid will fit the box

you can then modify the box as require for added holes

Lolin 2.4 tft wemos mini case
if you have the lolin 2.4 tft here a stylish case for it that I designed

arduino sketch for it works off mqtt
lolin_Graph.tar.gz (5.2 KB)

here are the FreeCad fies for the above displayed items
CAD_FILES.tar.gz (1.5 MB)

Okay good luck have fun

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