Stiebel Heat Pump Monitoring

Hello All!

I have a Stiebel Eltron heat pump being installed in a couple of weeks time, and am looking at how I can integrate it with my existing EmonCMS deployment. I had originally planned to get a Heat Meter installed, however I am wondering if I can just use the data from the Stiebel ISG gateway instead?

The ISG provides running daily & totals for heating & cooling in kWh, along with the flow temperatures. The only item that it doesn’t seem to provide is a current output value for heatpump_heat. Is that required though, if heatpump_heat_kwh is provided? Would EmonCMS still be able to calculate CoP?

There’s a demo of the ISG here: STIEBEL ELTRON Reglersteuerung

Thanks in advance!

Personally, I think independent monitoring of these systems is imperative and easier and simpler to fit at installation time. Chose the Heat Meter wisely (for simple local data collection), install suitable pockets in the pipework for temperature sensors, ensure you have a flow rate meter, and an Electric consumption meter for the HP. These will easily pay back the capital outlay as you tune the system based on the data to be as efficient as possible.

But, the whole system design is really important as well. Do not assume the installers know what they are doing.