Starting page bug for dashboard view?


Taking as example a post of Trystan, i am trying to set starting page (on My Profile
view) with my dashboard ID=1


But after saving changes, if I change page or log out / log in, I can apreciate that starting page is missing the ‘&’ symbol, and main page does not work. Example:


On the other hand, if the starting page is set to App view, the problem is not reproduced and it works OK. Example:


So the problem comes from Timezone, Language or is the escape symbol ‘&’ required?
Only happens to me? :frowning:

Issue solved. If i assign an alias to my dashboard (for example: ‘main’), i can access with this new alias without any special character like ‘&’

Previous link not working as starting page:


New link working with alias as starting page


And works without any problem :grinning: