SSH password not working on emonSD-07Nov16

Just loaded emonSD-07Nov16 and successful booted the raspberry pi up and tried to connect to [email protected] but the password emonpi2016 does not work.

$ ssh [email protected]
[email protected]'s password:  emonpi2016
Permission denied, please try again.

Did the password get changed for the emonSD-07Nov16 build?

should work

can you try with ssh [email protected]“ipaddress” instead ssh [email protected]

just tried with mine and it works with the default password

Are you sure CAPS lock is off and NUM lock on (if using numeric keypad) unless you have changed it, it should work as that is still the default password.

Yep tried the IP address also. CAPS and NUM were checked. I will reload the image and try again.