Source of small LiFePO4 cells?

Does anyone know a UK supplier of small ‘raw’ LiFePO4 cells?

I am thinking about making a 48v LiFePO4 pack to power a few low voltage electronic devices that are always-on in my house. I am on Octopus Agile, so it would be good to be able to power them reliably for long periods of higher energy prices.

But the smallest prismatic cells I can find seem to be 3.2v / 280 Ah, which is massive and too expensive for my needs. And the best cylindrical cells I could find are too expensive:

(that works out at about £800 per kWh!)

Hey Nicolas, I order mine from china slim pickings in the UK, and the USA

Gotion has a set of cylindrical cells that are reasonable and available

I’ll post some pricing and a contact person you can buy from shortly and see if that gets you what you’re after

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See if any of those are good, these are prices in china so still need to add shipping and tariffs if applicable

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