Sonoff wifi-wireless-switch

(David Hunnisett) #1

I have been using with a github firmware. They fit in a 45mm patress box to double insulate it.
This is connected to controls for each house radiator

Linknode R4 Wifi 4 Ch Relay Board
(Glyn Hudson) #2

Nice! Do you have instructions for uploading the 3rd party FW?

(David Hunnisett) #3

its on the github project
there is a version with a CT thats supported by that firmware

(Brian Orpin) #4

@glyn.hudson worth splitting this to a new thread.

I was rather put off these Sonoff relays as there seem to be a lot of cheap Chinese clones around which made me a little dubious of them.

(Simon) #5

The Sonoff relays are great. I’m using a few. Just installed a TH16 with an AM2301 attached to control a heater in our shed so the water doesn’t freeze during the winter. It’s very easy to reprogram these, so mine now uses a version of the software I use to control my heat bank and report temperatures etc to a local emoncms.

(Alan Sullivan) #6

Sonoff dual arrived today and works well. Now to work out this programming lark to make it MQTT usable on local LAN. Any good sites or step by step guides available? Arundo 1.6.12 installed and ESP8266 module generic loaded with the various Sonoff CT zip saved on laptop.

A job for tomorrow night I guess…

(Bill Thomson) #7


(Simon) #8

I think the sonoff dual is different to the other sonoffs and uses a separate chip to manage the switching which has a specific protocol. I’ve read some sites that have hacked this but haven’t saved the url’s unfortunately.

Simple search on hacking sonoff dual should get you them though. I think all the other switches manage the switching with just the esp8266 so all you need to know is the gpio number.


(Derek Boyd) #9

I’m using , which does everything I need and more…

(Simon) #10

That was one of them :smile: also check out Pete Scargill’s iot blog and search on sonoff. Some useful info there on GPIO pins etc.


(daturach) #11

Could someone who bought one of these devices confirm or not it is CE approved?
I don’t see anything on the case.



(Brian Orpin) #12

I doubt it and anyway, stuff comes from China with CE on it - do you really think they have actually done the work?

(Simon) #13

Not so sure about that. I know people joke that for Chinese kit CE means China Export but I think the guys at itead may have done the work.

Another mention for Pete Scargill’s blog but Itead sent him a device the other day that had come from another supplier which they agreed needed changes making before it made the grade.

There was a blog about CE and Itead from memory. I’ll try to dig out the exact URL and post it here.


Easier to find than I thought here’s the link ->