Some questions

Greetings from Greece ,iwould like to buy either the EmonPi or EmonTx.i have these questions

1)can both measure light as take a light sensor and humidity (humidity sensor)
2)read VoltageDC
3)can i combine 2 emonPi or 2 EmonTx parallel and then communicate with EMONCMS ,and change the codeo fo cms(alter etc)
Thank you very much

Welcome. apostolos to the OEM forum.

No. The emonTH can measure humidity. We do not have a light sensor in the Shop.

No. Both measure only alternating voltage and current.

If you have an Arduino with Wi-Fi, and a light sensor, and connect a development circuit board that uses the Arduino analogue input, then you could use that to send light and d.c. voltages data to emonCMS.

You can have one emonPi as the “master” where the data from all places is gathered together, the second emonPi can record its own data and send its data to the first one.

Thank you very much for your answers.