Some Custom Widget Mods

Hozid guys, thank you for every one that has contributed towards Emoncms. I don’t know if it could be usefull to someone out there but I have taken some of the existing widgets and modified them so that they could better fit my needs. So if you can use them , happy I could also contribute!

  1. Is a Mod of the bar widget that uses a inverter image for the background , it will show the “watt” value of your inverter load.
    inverter (52.3 KB)
  2. Is also a mod of the bar widget that will show you batteries state of charge in %. I would be nice it you could "move " the image to the fore ground and maybe someone could assist?
    battery (10.5 KB)
  3. Is a mod a of the LED widget. Basicly you can scale the widget to any rectangular size of you wanting. Worked wonders for what I wanted to do.
    square (1.4 KB)