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Some Apps -related problems after updated

There have been some problems after update.

I have some Apps related problems in
First is that if I try to delete outdated Apps, I got following error message
2021-08-01 12_19_36-Emoncms - app view

Then Apps euro sign in Currency field is not showing correctly.
For some reason if I change this, it is not stored:
2021-08-01 12_20_30-Emoncms - app view

And then scandinavian letters have been change in Apps and dashboards. Those are not displaying properly.
I can change these, but it seems that charsets has been changed in the newest

Thanks @tsavikos, I will look into it

Hello @tsavikos I’ve reverted one of the changes that was associated with this, is it working again for you now?

Thanks @TrystanLea. All my former Apps disappeared, but I can create those again.
However when I create “My Electric”, I got this error message.

But when I press OK, everything seems to be OK. All fields in Apps are normal.

I can create “My Electric 2” normally.