[SOLVED]Problem with Install Emoncms on Debian Stretch


I install emoncms from github on install instructions.
First register or login error screen [object] [object]object

I think your password is too small.
username must not be < 3 chars and password must not be <4

but I cannot be sure because I would have expected a better error message eg “Password length error” so please let us know even it is just that, that is the issue so we can work out why the message is incorrect.

I’ve tried all sorts of passwords, but I’m worried about the bug because I do not see what the error is.
When trying to sign up with non-identical passwords, it says that the passwords do not match, there’s something else here.

You shouldn’t have a user folder in the root of emoncms. If you are referring to the location of the file I linked, that is in the Modules folder, emoncms/Modules/user/user_model.php.

Ok so now you know a 3 char password is not valid, stick with a larger password and try it again, this time with the browser console open (via F11 on many browsers) to see it there are any better error messages.

POST 404 (Not Found)

it is probably something rewrite on apache2

looks that way, did you enable mod-rewrite and restart apache2 ?

I found a solution,
missing the .htaccess file, then a mistaken error occurred in the apache log that was missing
I had to add

  <Directory / var / www />

>          Options + SymLinksIfOwnerMatch

AllowOverride All
         Order deny, allow
         Allow from all
     </ Directory>

And it already links to the files, but can not create a user, but nowhere is a mistake.

Problem solved with add command on mysql.

Solved error with this question