[solved] New emonSD to a prebuilt emonPI

Hi All,

I just received my emonPi (solar PV bundle).
I am excited on having this but there are several question I’d like to have answers first before powering it up.

  1. I am planning to create my own emonSD using the new released Image. I would like to build it on 16GB or more microSD, does emonSD/emonPI supports 16GB or more?

  2. How much capacity/microSD capacity do I need to monitor 2 sensors with 5 seconds interval reading?

  3. The prebuilt emonPI have an LCD included. If I flashed my own emonSD on my own, will it still work or do i need several steps to make it work?

  4. If I press reset button, does it just wipe data(including network config) or do I need to ssh in to setup the whole device?

  5. If I have successfully flashed a new emonSD and used it, can I still swap back the pre-built emonSD that came with my emonPI?

Thanks guys

Robert Wall, did also answer my last question. thanks for the time time guys.

  1. Yes
  2. As big as the Pi 3 and Raspbian will support
  3. It will detect if the LCD is connected at start and act accordingly
  4. The reset button will not wipe anything by default, there is a procedure for a factory reset but the reset button is for more day to day use like performing a controlled shutdown and restart, retaining all previous settings etc.

thanks for the reply Paul.

I hope you don’t mind, how about my 5th question? will emonPI still accepts and run the bundled emonSD even if I have used another sd card for it to run?
thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, all the brains is on the SD card. But as the data and configurations are also stored on the SD card, you will have your data in two places, with gaps while you were swapping over, and no quick and simple way of joining the two sets.