<Solved>Minimum System Requirements for Emoncms e.g RAM etc on Ubuntu 18.04

I am planning to deploy emoncms in my UBUNTU 18.04 server any specific system requirements like RAM etc for same ,wanted to know RAM as will be few 100 feeds and will it work with 1GB RAM

Hi @aruneshdutta, welcome to the forum!

Emoncms is quite a lightweight application, it runs very well on a Raspberry Pi.

To properly answer this question we would need more info regarding how you plan to use Emoncms. Obviously more processing power, RAM and SSD are desirable if posting 1000’s of feeds with many users!

See the emoncms github read me requirements section for software package requirements: GitHub - emoncms/emoncms: Web-app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data

wanted to know RAM as will be few 100 feeds and will it work with 1GB RAM

100 feeds It should work on with 1GB of ram. It runs great on a RasPi3 with 1GB RAM.

Emoncms is more of a disk I/O intensive application rather than RAM hungry. Using an SSD will result in better performance.

I would recommend using Redis and PHPFINA data storage engine. Would you agree @TrystanLea?

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Yes I have SSD on run I’ll use the same

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I run mine in a VM on an HP Micro server under Exsi with about 4 other VMs. VM base OS is DietPi (plus I use Lighttpd) and I think it is about 700Mb allocated memory. Never uses it all but only about 25 feeds.

Also depends if you are running other services or applications such as node-red and mosquitto on the same server. Just EmonCMS should be fine.

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Thanks all